Michael Abraham Music
“Mike Abraham is probably one of the baddest guitarists I’ve ever seen in any style.”
                                                                                                    --- MissionMission.org
“He can have a Sco’ kind of thing sometimes, or a Wes thing, or a Kurt Rosenwinkel thing... he’s got this way of bringing these master guitar players on the ride through his soloing and playing.”
                                                                                                ---- Dayna Stephens
“...with Michael Abraham’s sizzling, psycho jazz-rock guitar lines and a rhythm section that cruises, pummels and swings, it all equates to an exhilarating listen.”    
“... a striking study in precisely executed old-school bop, rendered with a maddening groove as the band seamlessly fuses the old with the new as Abraham goes on a tear with his rippling chord progressions and stinging wah-wah lines. “        
                                                                                                    --- All About Jazz